No upfront investment. No set-up fees. No monthly fees. And zero risk. Just a steady supply of high quality auto loans and new customers.


Imagine a steady flow of audited, compliant, ready-to-board auto loan packages showing up in your email each day? And imagine if with the click of a button, each loan and each new customer became yours? It really is that easy.


17 years of experience focused ONLY on indirect auto lending. A team of highly tenured auto lending experts. Network of 800+ auto dealers.


You know you owe it to your customers to reclaim your share of the auto loan market by adapting your business model to capture auto loans at the dealerships. But the overwhelming size, scale, and technological superiority of large financial institutions make it extremely costly and risky just to enter the indirect market – let alone successfully compete.

With FILO’s Pay-For-Performance model, you only pay for loans as they’re booked. No upfront investment in technology, people, or processes. No set-up fees. No monthly fees. And zero risk. You will immediately tap into a steady and reliable supply of high quality auto loans and new customers so you can grow your interest revenue, strengthen your ROA, and achieve your budget with greater confidence.


in new loans since 2005


new customers since 2005


You want more, high quality auto loans and more new customers. But you can’t afford to be bogged down in a myriad of complexities associated with technology, compliance, and dealer relations.

With FILO’s Push-Button Loan Generation, you’ll effortlessly board loans with 100% application-to-book ratio. With FILO’s tightly integrated best-of-breed technology solutions, bullet proof processes, and team of dealer relationship experts, you’ll shield your institution from complexity, hassles, and distractions so you can focus on what’s most important - your customers.

Push Button Loan Generation Engine:

FILO purchases, implements, integrates, and manages a platform of world class technology solutions – so you don’t have to.

You take care of your customers — Let FILO take care of the rest

  • Dealer notification of paid loans
  • Full compliance audit of loan package
  • Open for business when dealers are open for business
  • Complete dealer marketing and relationship management program


Every time your customers interact with your staff, products, and services, you have a magical opportunity to strengthen their relationships with your brand. But the auto-loan market is uniquely complex and demands both speed and compliance.

When you work with FILO, you’ll have 17 years of experience focused ONLY on indirect auto lending and a team of highly tenured auto lending experts standing between you and our network of 800+ dealers to ensure every “i” gets dotted and every “t” gets crossed, every dealer issue gets resolved without your involvement, and every customer interaction creates value for them and your brand.

Our Expertise

  • 17 years of experience focused ONLY on indirect auto lending
  • 25+ years average of Sr. staff indirect auto experience
  • 200+ years of employee indirect auto experience
  • 800+ dealers in our network
  • 130,000+ originated loans
  • $2,700,000,000+ in indirect auto loans produced
FILO provides us with the quality, size, and volume of loans we did not attract with our own program. FILO’s technology and staff allow us to compete against the national banks. Pat Vanden Berg
Business Development Officer
Fort Community Credit Union

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